How I Serve You

If I Could Help You Earn $3000 Per Month From Your Phone And The Comfort Of Your Home, Would You Take That Offer?

From the desk of Maxwell Anker

This page will take 5 minutes to read and only 1 minute to make a decision.

I’m going to describe who I am, what I’m about and then you can decide if you want to join me…

I work with people who want to get more out of life, earn more money, grow their businesses faster than they currently do, and create a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

I have helped over 840 people in 36 months.

I’ve had a lot of wins, and many losses, and learned many painful lessons. Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. Every day is an emotional roller coaster of thinking, I’m not good enough, even to this day.

You see, I didn’t have it easy. Born to immigrant parents who left Denmark for the United States when I was a kid, and then seeing them struggle for most of their lives and even worse, watching cancer draw life out of my mum, I vowed to become good enough.

Your story may not be as hard as mine and that should give you hope that if I could do it, then you can too.

I went to work for many corporations, delving into multi-level marketing with FLP, Amway, and Herbal Life.

I hoped that one day I’d make $10k/month and be financially stable… Then it happened!

I soon realized that the new goal was $50k/month, and I had to get serious about making money, so I invested $36k into a coaching program to teach me how to sell and how to build marketing funnels.

4 months later I had my first $50k month, it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least! 

At every point I got stuck, all I had to do was find someone who knew more than I did and LISTEN to them.

Then I was stuck at $50k/month for over a year until I realized I was again paying for what I didn’t know about scaling a business…

At that stage, I invested $24k into a sales management and leadership training program.

It helped me learn how to grow, train, and motivate a team, which allowed me to unlock a new business level. Within 6 months I hit my first $100k/month, which proved once again that I really did pay a hefty price for what I didn’t know!

And that’s what led me to be here today with an obsession for the art of empowering people to become world-class leaders.

I’m not saying you’ll make millions. In fact, it takes an obsessive person to make millions with anything. But I’ve also seen a lot of lazy people make a ton of money using the internet.

Now, I Only Mention These  Credentials So You Understand You Aren’t Learning From Some Fly By Night Guru…

There are so many flimsy excuses of platforms out there which is why I started building my own team and I am so proud that we have grown to 840+ members in less than a year!

Whether you are trying to grow, scale, or even if you haven’t made a dime, I’ve got you.

Many of my members have grown to six and even seven figures with their insurance agencies.

You’ll have access to the blueprint that others have used to do exactly what you are trying to do…

Who I Serve?

My Clients Are People Who Care Deeply About Their Personal Journeys, Their Families and Their Community

Those I work with recognize that nurturing their financial well-being is rooted in self-respect. It signifies a profound care for their lives and their futures. I love helping my clients harness the potential of a strong and stable money life. My team is dedicated to working closely with you as your financial literacy and emotional comfort sprout.

Those I serve include:


Business Owners & Professionals

When you’re busy operating a business or building your career, your personal fulfillment may at times take a back seat. Whether an event is causing you to take a close look at your financial situation or you’re simply looking to organize your wealth, I invite you to reach out. My team will work with you to define an actionable plan for your wealth and goals.

Women in Transformational Life Chapters

I'm fanatic about empowering women in their lives. With confidence around your money life, you’re liberated to not only achieve specific goals, but to find your voice, your truth and live out your purpose. If you’re experiencing a life shift or looking to have a stronger grasp on your finances, my team is dedicated to helping you take the next steps in confidence.



LGBTQ+ Individuals & Couples

I invite you to come as your whole self. I celebrate the diversity of our LGBTQ+ community with tremendous pride. You will experience my commitment to supporting you and being sensitive to your needs.

    Emilio Lopez

    Client Associate

    Maxwell's guidance has been a beacon of light during my journey toward financial wellness. From effective budgeting to savvy investing, he breaks down complex concepts into manageable steps. Working with him has been transformative

      Colton Ferland


      I got a New Recruit via LinkedIn from Texas. More scheduled meetings to come!

        Courtney Cisneros

        Finance Coach

        Thank you so much Maxwell for the wealth of information you share. It is moving me closer and closer to my goals being a beginner with zero sales experience. Greatly Appreciate

          Harjeet Kaur


          Looking forward to work and building a big team with the help of Maxwell. I have confidence with this that I will achieve my dreams very soon.

          Unlike the others

          I focus on teaching simplicity.

          Simple strategies are duplicatable and will work for anyone trying to start or grow a marketing business. Remember this “Simplicity scales”.

          I obsess over simplicity and it’s something I continue to learn and master every day.

          In fact, some days I feel like I know nothing, and always remind myself, I am forever a student.

          A Word

          Money does not solve money problems, but good advice will. I see the positive ripple effect of what useful advice can do, and it inspires me to keep working and caring genuinely about my clients. I am not alone in being an empathetic financial professional. We are out there; we are interested in helping you, and you are worth it.

          Get Started

          This is risk-free. We are only starting with a discovery call. No sweat.

          Once you fill-up the form, I will get across to you in less than an hour to schedule a meeting on Zoom.

          PS: I take the “overthinking” out of making money. You will make connections and meet lifelong friends. They could change the entire course of your future. This is the day things turn around for you.

          You will gain a skill set that will give you everything you need to be successful no matter what the future holds.

          I can help you grow your wealth and secure your future, no matter what stage of life you're in...

          My mission is to become an essential partner to you by helping define and achieve what is most important to you financially.

          As a business owner, are your investing needs being met? Let’s talk about your options.