I am a results-driven Network Marketer with a proven track record of building successful networks and driving revenue growth. As a visionary leader, I consistently demonstrate expertise in strategic planning, team leadership, and business development within the MLM industry. I am known for fostering strong relationships and empowering teams to achieve remarkable results. Currently, I serve as an Ambassador for PRPLife, contributing to the company's continued success.

Below you will find my past career highlights which will serves as a pointer to how far I have come and how much more I can offer.

My Career Highlights

PRPLife - Ambassador

2017 - Present

As a PRPLife Ambassador, I play a pivotal role in representing the company, promoting its products, and cultivating a positive brand image. My responsibilities include leading training sessions, mentoring network members, and actively participating in PRPLife events.

Revolutionary Networks Inc. - Network Marketing Manager

2014 - 2017

- Led a team of network marketers in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies.
- Developed and executed training programs to enhance the skills and performance of network members.
- Fostered relationships with key influencers and industry leaders to expand the network.

Elevate Wellness Group - Senior MLM Consultant

2012 - 2014

- Formulated and executed comprehensive MLM business plans to drive revenue and growth.
- Conducted regular training sessions to educate network members on product knowledge and sales techniques.
- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement marketing initiatives.

Global Ventures Unlimited - Network Marketing Coordinator

2011 - 2012

- Coordinated recruitment events and campaigns to expand the network.
- Analyzed market trends and competitor activities to identify growth opportunities.
- Implemented incentive programs to motivate and reward high-performing network members.

Vital Energy Solutions - MLM Specialist

2006 - 2011

- Conducted market research to identify potential network expansion opportunities.
- Developed and maintained relationships with key partners to enhance product visibility.
- Provided ongoing support and training to network members to ensure their success.

Herbal Life - Network Marketing Associate

1997 - 2006

- Assisted in the development and execution of marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.
- Managed social media campaigns to attract new network members and customers.
- Analyzed performance metrics to optimize marketing efforts.


Bachelor of Business Administration in MarketingUniversity of Southern California - Marshall School of Business
Graduated - 1968


Network Marketing Strategy
Team Leadership
Business Development
Social Media Marketing
Relationship Building


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